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The sun streamed down, creating an interspersing pattern of brightness that sliced through the clouds like scissors through strips of sheer cloth. Rain drizzled from the grey mass, the light refracting into beautiful rainbow streamers that danced across the afternoon sky. Thunder rumbled in the distance, marking the diminishment of one god’s power in favor of another. The billowing gases shifted, lines forming within, taking the shape of a smirking face. For an instant, a tongue of vapor darted out, a mirthful bit of teasing directed at a figure far below.

“Fei Lian, why is it you mock me?” the figure shouted up, “I came for a vacation, not for your pranks.”

Saori crossed her arms, waiting for the other god to at least acknowledge her presence. She’d taken the time to conjure up a storm, several hours worth of work at least, and he’d unmade it with his wind in a matter of moments. The wind lord was renowned throughout the Heavens as a prankster, and like any good troublemaker he was incredibly difficult to locate. At least, until he thought it was funny.

A cheerful chuckle from behind caused her to whirl, facing an old man carrying a sheepskin bag under one arm. The ancient being’s skin sagged strangely, more wrinkles forming as he grinned gap-toothed at the younger deity’s consternation. A few wisps of grey hair drifted lazily, a light breeze flowing from his bag.

“Heeheehee, liked that didn’t ya?” Feng-Bo cackled, revealing himself as the human form of Fei Lian the Wind Lord. “You should know better than to try and work your magic when I’m around.”

“But why?” Saori protested, grumbling to herself. She never liked being one-upped by the other gods, her consternation and annoyance made plain by the irritable glower she offered the primeval elder. “This entire mountain range is deserted…”

“I wanted a sunny day, but…we could use a little bit of rain too, so I let you supply the shower. You should know better than to bother the weather in my territory. I dunno what they teach you on your little islands, but in China we’re mindful of the wishes of our elders.”

With that, Feng-Bo hooted with laughter and disappeared, leaving in his place an umbrella, a beach towel, and a coconut filled with some sort of mixed drink. Sitting on the towel was a note.

“Enjoy the vacation, kid,” it said, drawing a groan from the young storm goddess.


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