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 "Damn you," Saori snarled as her sword crashed against Daigotsu's, the steel singing though the chilly mountain air.  The autumn leaves danced beneath their feet as they dueled, kicked up in a sea of red and orange. 

Her opponent stood easily ten inches taller than her, and his heavily muscled frame was tensed with effort as he tried to bull-rush forward and break her guard.  The thug's shaggy, matted black hair hung loose, and his equally scruffy clothes were shredded, blood running in streams down his sides, pooling at his feet.  His enormous lips, pierced in a dozen places, flapped angrily as he vented his fury in a torrent of foul language. 

"Fuck you, you stupid bitch.  How the fuck was I supposed to know you were here?  I'm gonna rip out your heart when I get ahold of you!"

Saori slid her blade down his, the rough forged iron of his weapon shrieking as a sliver of it peeled off, while the smaller fighter skipped back a few paces, readying for another savage attack from the big man.  Daigotsu's ugly teeth cleaned in the late afternoon light, each filed to razor sharp points, while his black eyes smoldered with barely restraint hatred.  They'd been doing this dance for nearly six hundred years, every reincarnation locked in an endless cycle of strife with the other.  

In this lifetime, the hateful oni champion had been reborn in the body of a singularly massive man, a human standing just shy of seven feet tall.  She'd finally gotten wind of his reincarnation when he'd stolen a thousand year old sword from an order of monks dwelling in the wilds of Hokkaido, and had immediately set out to send him back to hell where he belonged.

"I don't think so, asshole.  Its been five-hundred years since you managed to get the drop on me, and I'll be damned if I'm going to let you do it again," she growled back, switching one foot into a more aggressive posture and leaping forward like a hawk.

The ogre-like man charged at the exact same moment, swinging his weapon down in a brutal, downward arc that would have cleaved Saori in two if she'd followed through with her strike.  This was exactly what she'd been counting on, as a split second before the point of no return the divine warrior whipped sideways, raking her blade across Daigotsu's exposed shoulder.  The razor-sharp weapon sheered through flesh and bone, severing the oni's arm cleanly.  

"F...f...fUUCK YOU!" Daigotsu howled as he sank to his knees, clutching the stump. 

"And now, its over.  I denounce you, Daigotsu.    For the agony you caused me five hundred years ago, I declare you an enemy of Heaven. For all the lives you have taken, I judge you guilty.  And with the spirits of this land as my witness, I curse you to the blackest depths of Hell."

And with that, Saori ended it with a single, arcing strike.  Electricity sparkled along her blade as it tore through his neck, cauterizing as it did so.  She finished with a flick of her blade, sending a spray of dark oni-blood onto the forest floor.  Reverently, she returned the weapon to its sheathe, delicate fingers readjusting the black obi she wore, compensating for the additional weight.  Wiping her brow with the sleeve of her black and red hakama, she looked down at the stain.  Blood mingled with sweat, soaking into the heavy cloth.  This time was close, much closer than last, he'd managed to graze her several times.  Still, feeling somewhat accomplished, the Daughter of Wind and Rain began to make her way back to her car.  Her eternal foe was vanquished for another lifetime, and despite the difficulty in tracking him into the Hokkaido wilderness, the fight had been surprisingly short.

As she left the clearing, she paused.  Sounds were coming from the corpse.  Could he be alive, even without a head?  Clutching the hilt of her weapon, she darted back to investigate.  Her eyes widened as she heard a voice coming from...somewhere.  It was singing...and there was music.  Cautiously, Saori reached out to touch the body, trying to locate the source of the sound.  Finally, she found it.  A small, black cell-phone, blaring some sort of R&B ringtone.  

Mildly amused, the woman snorted and dropped it, leaving both the corpse and the phone for the wolves, but something about that tune remained with Saori all the way back to Kyushu.  Whenever there was dead air on the radio station, she found herself humming...

" I see you driving 'round town, With the girl I love and I'm like, Fuck you! Oo, oo, ooo"


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