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"Did you see the paper this morning, Saori?"  Grandfather asked, quietly munching away on a piece of dry toast.  His wide, hairless forehead furrowed in obvious displeasure.

"No I didn't, Grandpa.  Why do you ask?"

"Daiki Kubo made the paper again.  You know, that boy you used to go to school with? I never liked that boy, you know? He was nothing but trouble."

Saori sighed heavily, already knowing where this was going.  Her long, dark hair swished as she turned to walk off, hopefully ending the lecture before it started.  Whenever someone she went to school with came up in conversation, the old man would always rant and rave about how stupid it was of her parents to send her to that public high school instead of a respectable private one.  The old man had been a teacher for almost forty years at St. Michael's Catholic School for Girls in Shinjuku, and he was very set in his ways regarding education.

"Bah, waste of space, that school of yours.  Seriously, go check out the paper and see what they are saying about that rat Kubo," he went on, regardless of the fact that his granddaughter was ignoring him.

Flippantly waving one hand over her shoulder, Saori made her way into the next room and flopped down lazily into the recliner, staring blankly at the television which had been left on the local news station.   Hazily, she felt around for the remote control, her hand scrabbling on the table next to the chair.  Finding nothing, her fingers began probing into the seat cushions, her delicate digits sifting through the accumulated dust to no avail.

"Dammit, where did that thing go?"  Saori mumbled, looking around the room.  Groaning, she sank lower in the chair, looking for something, anything, to keep her distracted from the newspaper that was sitting on the table.  She knew what had happened last night, and didn't want to read about it.  But there the paper sat, just taunting her until finally she leaned over and snatched it.  Tearing it open, she thumbed through until she found the article Grandfather had talked about.  The more she tried to avoid reading it, the faster her eyes moved along the page.

"Dammit Daiki.  How could you be so stupid?"


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